Alessi Loves Italy
We've been asked to visualize and communicate the strong bond between Alessi and the italian food.
To strenghten the concept we developed a promotional mechanic: with every Alessi purchase you get a privileged access to a list of selected premium Italian food from the dedicated online store.

Agency: TLC Marketing Italia
Creative Direction: Federico Bonriposi
Art Direction: Michele Sistu, Nicolò Bertoncin
Photography: Studio FM Milano
Panificio Zorzi | Sfizzi Valdadige
Art Direction, Packaging, Photography
DIESEL - SS15 Merchandising Guidelines
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion
liveFAST | Fastweb customer engagement
Art Direction, UI/UX, Web Design
Panificio Zorzi | Bakery Pro
Art Direction, Branding, Packaging
Le autentiche - Italian Premium Beverages
Branding, Packaging, Illustration
La Rinascente - D.A.T.E. Sneakers
Animation, Creative Direction, Fashion
The Gif7ies | Pernod Ricard Italia
Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Talisker - For Life Explorers
Advertising, Digital Art, Art Direction
Moka Instinct
Art Direction, Branding, Packaging